Holidays leave little help for unemployed

November 16, 2009 at 9:36 pm (Research)

With the holidays fast approaching most think that jobs will become available, well, guess again. An article published on the Web site titled, Retailers Take Wait-and-See Approach to Holiday Hiring, says that business owners are holding out on hiring.

Firstcoastnews quoted business owners stating that they are waiting to hire based on how the market does and that even then, they are still hiring less people than last year.

It is important to keep thinking of odd jobs this holidays season as the media tells us there is little hope for jobs even with the shopping rush.

This is a valuable article for those depending or getting hired this winter, not meaning to burst your bubble, but you need to be on the lookout for something else. How crazy is it and what does it say about our economy that the busiest shopping time of the year will not open up jobs for that many people.

Odd jobs continue to be the way to go, so as the time for gift giving approaches, step away from the mall and see if you can make gifts to sell or help an elderly couple with their decorations. These ideas are looking to be your best bet.

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Students not the only ones struggling

November 13, 2009 at 2:13 am (Research)

This post title speaks for itself. Students are not the only ones struggling to find work or make decent money. Other people are affected as well. The worst part is, an article on says its our military veterans that are falling by the way side. As Veterans Day has come and passed I thought it would be nice to reflect on our military veterans, as I did I was shocked at the unbearable truth that many of them are struggling when they leave the service.

This article titled, “Veterans: Rememberance Days are for the dead, what about the living?” talks about some veterans and how they are disheartened at the fact that they fight for their country and are not even guranteed a job when they leave the military. They are faced with the same predicament students are faced with, and end up doing odd jobs.

It is crazy to think that the people who serve our country so well are not helped when they leave. Not only that all their years of service gets them is odd jobs and minimum wage. Another way to think about Veterans Day, huh?

Students, I would encourage you to not be discouraged as you are not alone, their are veterans next to you going through the same thing.

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A serious approach

November 4, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Research)

After the series of haunting Halloween articles on this blog, I feel it is time to take things down a more serious road.

The United States is the not the only country in an economic downturn and with limited jobs for its people. We are not alone. In Honduras, locals are becoming fed up with the lack of jobs and certainty in their country. Local resident Efrain Alvarez, has had trouble finding work and is currently working at a building site. The job is not permanent and he is forced to do odd jobs to help keep up his house and maintain the safety and nutrition of his five children.

Students in the U.S. are not alone in the lack of jobs and worry surrounding money. Families in other countries are dealing with the same stress and turmoil. They have to turn to odd jobs to make money, which is what students are having to do as well. This is a good article to give students a global approach to a problem they are dealing with. Take a look at the article and take a second to think how your problem is relating to others. 

To view the article go to the BBC Web site or click here.

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Economy forces odd jobs

October 28, 2009 at 9:03 pm (Research)

Students are not the only ones that need odd jobs to make it through the tough money times. In this article readers are introduced to multiple people who are using their resources to make ends meet. “Getting back to the basics” helps readers get to know Liz Prescott, who uses her superb driving abilities to get a job. She put out an ad for jobs including driving the elderly to appointments to get groceries and more. This is a job any college student with a car can certainly do and make good money doing it.

Ken Lewis took his time making ends meeting doing things like delivering pizza’s while learning the in’s and out’s of the blinds business. Do to his sucessful interning, he was asked to buy the shop and has since been doing very well for himself. Even though sometimes you have to start at low scale jobs, being ambitious and a “go-getter” will eventually be rewarding.

Finally, Eileen Blackwell owns a travel resort rentals business, due to the economy the statis of her business is not well. Her and her sons, are now going back to the basics of a cleaning business. Doing odd jobs around peoples homes to make a substantial income until their business picks up. This is a great way for students to make money, simple house chores that they are good at, they can help elderly with or busy business executives.

Again, there are always ideas stirring for odd jobs for students. Keep a look out.

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One to many hallow jobs

October 21, 2009 at 11:37 pm (Research)

I have never in my life heard of so many gothic jobs. I thought my Halloween topic article last week was interesting, but this week, a cosmetologist for corpses, wow. For one thing, I didn’t think I would have such great luck finding articles to support my odd job theory. Not only has this topic been highly vocal in the news media, but it has been a key topic in regards to Halloween. Check out The Daily Dish blog to read more.

I like this article because it again shows the wide acceptance of odd jobs and the different things that are offered for people. Don’t get tied down in typical jobs. There are jobs out there, you just have to be creative and not be afraid to do something different. This article shows this to extent. Working on corpses may not be your typical job idea but hey, what better way to practice make up design on someone who won’t put up a fight. Sounds crazy, but think outside the box, look for different avenues of things that you like. After continuing to interview and find these articles, I am sold on the fact that if you are struggling to find employement, odd jobs are the way to go.

This will be the last of the gothic Halloween articles, I promise, however you must admit, you read them don’t you?

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A very grave job

October 16, 2009 at 11:40 am (Research)

As we approach Halloween I thought it would be fun to have a somewhat scarey odd job to talk about. Man, does this fit the bill. Even more than I could have imagined. The Taunton Daily Gazette published an article titled, Odd Jobs: This worker has a grave outlook on employment, this article is about a man who works at a cemetery. Not only is he a grave digger, but he also helps maintain the cemetery. In this article he talks about the details of his job and the easy and hard parts about it.

I thought this article was a great example of an odd job. It also says at the top that while some desk jobs can be bizarre it doesn’t compare to some other jobs around the globe. Grave digging is just one of many. When I read this article I didn’t know anything about grave digging or working in a cemetery, so it was an informative article in general, besides talking about another odd job.

This is one job students would never think of, and I hope this article in particular as well as other that I have posted continue to widen the acceptance of odd jobs and help you brainstorm some ideas. Who knows, whoever reads this could be the next celebrity grave digger!

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Change in minimum wage, lowers teen employement

October 5, 2009 at 8:30 pm (Research)

In an article I found titled, Minimum wage up, so is teen unemployment, it talks about how the rate of minimum wage has changed causing for more money to be paid for teenagers to be employed. This is contributing the lack of jobs available for young people. It is a short article; however there are many posts on it that drive my point home. Students need more of a wide range of jobs other than the typical ones to make some cash. This article on the Daily Mail shows a chart to exhibit how unemployment in teenagers has skyrocketed. I liked this article because it allows for other reasoning behind the fact that students should think outside the box when it comes to employment. Some of the posts provide options for odd jobs and things that young people should consider or check into when looking for a job. I hope people look at this article and understand that odd jobs are important and don’t limit yourself to just the norm. Pay close attention to the statistics in this article. The change in minimum wage and in unemployment among teens is astounding. You wouldn’t think that it was this drastic. The chart really shows just how crazy and difficult it has become to try and find a “regular job” as a young person.

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Crazy jobs that would never cross your mind

October 1, 2009 at 11:45 am (Research)

This article titled, Odd Jobs and Crazy Careers found at the Web site is a great example of how odd jobs can spice up your life. Other jobs can be boring, like administrative assistants and service representatives that they suggested in the article. This article gives options to people who want to do something more entertaining or different with their lives. Some of the jobs that were brought up include ice cream tasters, which speaks for itself and also Bannana Gassers. A Bannana Gasser is someone who transports bannana’s into a sealed area to ripen after being shipped early, making sure the bottom of your bannana split taste’s superb. Overall, this is a great article to make the point that working should be fun and there is more to a job than the typical college “fast cash” careers. Between this article and the last that were posted, there is no reason the readers of this blog should have any trouble thinking of a new and exciting job for the semester. More are on the way so stay tuned to hear from other students and professionals who have odd jobs and hear there thoughts as to how and why to get involved in them.

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Man completes mission, odd jobs in every state

September 23, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Research)

The article from the San Francisco Chronical, Mission accomplished: 50 jobs in 50 states, is a great example of odd jobs and how to stay employed. The article talks about a graduated student who couldn’t get a job in his major. Daniel Seddiqui, instead came up with a plan to hold 50 odd jobs in 50 states. Now thanks to his unique idea, he has given all students ideas and the knowledge that, you can always find a job. He also is working on a book and setting up classes for students to take to test out other jobs. Needless to say he is set for a while. Seddiqui proves that despite the economy and what degree you have you can always get a job. He was a ticket agent, cheesemaker and dietician among others. He is a great example for my study and among that has given me great ideas to further educate students on different types of jobs they can hold. I don’t think I could have found a better article to illustrate my point. Seddiqui shows that no matter how hard you study in school, your degree may not always get you a job. Not only should students learn how to get odd jobs to save money while in school, but they should also look at odd jobs as a “Plan B” for when they graduate. Check out the article to see a full list of Seddiqui’s 50 odd jobs and stay tuned for more on Seddiqui and his future book.

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Coming to a decision

September 18, 2009 at 11:22 am (Research)

This semester I want to focus on a topic that is both interesting to me and my audience. That is you, the average student. I have come up with an idea I think is great and a few others as back up plans.

* Odd jobs – (My great idea) In the current state of the economy some students find it difficult to get a job to make some extra cash. The typical waitressing jobs and mall jobs are taken and it seems like no one is hiring. But wait, there are plenty of odd jobs waiting to be applied for. I have had a few myself and I plan on introducing you to some as well.

* International students – Most students want to travel, but for some reason or another they don’t get to it or can’t afford it. My proposition is to bring the culture to you. Towson is full of international students and I bet most would love to talk about their culture and heritage.

* Staying hip with a low budget – As college students we can all pretty much say we are not made of money. So how can we still satisfy our needs and wants? I plan to find out and give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to stay hip with a low budget.

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