Coming to a close

December 9, 2009 at 6:42 pm (Reaction)

Following a semester of in-depth reporting and finding stories, it is safe to say it is time to take a breath and have a sigh of relief. It is completed and I can now see a final product. I worked very hard over the course of the semester and have to say I am quite proud of my final product. I learned alot about time management and how important it is to stay ahead of the game. I also learned the importance of contantly generating ideas about a topic that way you always have a backup plan and are constantly preparing for the next story. It was difficult at times to have a suberb final product when interviews didn’t go as I had planned so it was important to be prepared for things to change.

Overall, I enjoyed working on this project and educating students on making money using odd jobs. I hope it is proof of my passion and hardworking attitude for journalism. It will be a great showcase of my work and I am glad this class forced me to test my talents and try new things. I encourage all journalism majors take this course to not only develop your portfolio but use it as a way to challenge yourself in new ways. The field is changing so much that it is important to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. In this case, online multimedia.

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