Holidays leave little help for unemployed

November 16, 2009 at 9:36 pm (Research)

With the holidays fast approaching most think that jobs will become available, well, guess again. An article published on the Web site titled, Retailers Take Wait-and-See Approach to Holiday Hiring, says that business owners are holding out on hiring.

Firstcoastnews quoted business owners stating that they are waiting to hire based on how the market does and that even then, they are still hiring less people than last year.

It is important to keep thinking of odd jobs this holidays season as the media tells us there is little hope for jobs even with the shopping rush.

This is a valuable article for those depending or getting hired this winter, not meaning to burst your bubble, but you need to be on the lookout for something else. How crazy is it and what does it say about our economy that the busiest shopping time of the year will not open up jobs for that many people.

Odd jobs continue to be the way to go, so as the time for gift giving approaches, step away from the mall and see if you can make gifts to sell or help an elderly couple with their decorations. These ideas are looking to be your best bet.



  1. chrisreilly425 said,

    It is weird to think that the busiest time of the year is still not producing job opportunities. I like the idea of doing small things like making gifts or helping elderly couples. Because, even if you don’t end up getting paid, you will feel good. And I know its cliche, but that’s what they the holidays are all about.

  2. melanytroy said,

    What a perfect post for Black Friday! Although my job my hired a slew of people for seasonal, we’re not really able to give them the hours they want.

  3. links to other great blogs « Chrisreilly425's Blog said,

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