A look from the norm

November 12, 2009 at 6:07 pm (Reporting)

Not only do people with odd jobs have advice but people with regular jobs do too. Kristen Joyce, a senior at Towson was able to grab a two of the “normal” jobs that this area had left, however it hasn’t stopped her from giving advice to other students about how to make money in other ways.

Joyce works at Olive Garden and Winebrenner and Associates Physical Therapy. She says the goal to finding a job and making money is, “Just have motivation to get your act together.”

Joyce also expresses the importance of not living off your parents and how big of a role that plays in the grand sceme of things.

“I think that in college you should have any kind of job you can get. By this age you should have some responsibility in your life and should be paying for things yourself and not living off your parents. I think that it is OK for college students to be getting some things paid for by their parents but you aren’t going to be able to practice good finance management later in life if you don’t take some responsibility now.”

Another important thing she adds is that you have to settle for whatever you can get in this economy.

“At this point if you need a job you need to take what you can get…especially for those who aren’t creative…there are jobs out there. They might not be jobs that you want but if you need a job you have to do what you have to do to make the money so if that means working in a fast food place or doing something that you don’t want to do or is low on the totem pole you have to suck it up.”

All in all, Joyce said, it’s all in who you know.

“Get out there and meet people… they might know someone who needs help too.”


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  1. Danielle Koch said,

    This advice, “in college you should have any kind of job you can get” is relevant to students. The list of the top-ten entry level employers contains mostly service based jobs, and many students/recent graduates are hesitant to consider them. Many people have an idea in their head of the kind of job they want, and they aren’t willing to settle for anything less. In this economy, though, people should not be limiting themselves. It might be interesting to talk to a student who has a job that may not be considered desirable to get his/her take on the advice.

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