A serious approach

November 4, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Research)

After the series of haunting Halloween articles on this blog, I feel it is time to take things down a more serious road.

The United States is the not the only country in an economic downturn and with limited jobs for its people. We are not alone. In Honduras, locals are becoming fed up with the lack of jobs and certainty in their country. Local resident Efrain Alvarez, has had trouble finding work and is currently working at a building site. The job is not permanent and he is forced to do odd jobs to help keep up his house and maintain the safety and nutrition of his five children.

Students in the U.S. are not alone in the lack of jobs and worry surrounding money. Families in other countries are dealing with the same stress and turmoil. They have to turn to odd jobs to make money, which is what students are having to do as well. This is a good article to give students a global approach to a problem they are dealing with. Take a look at the article and take a second to think how your problem is relating to others. 

To view the article go to the BBC Web site or click here.

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