odd job number six, high profile nanny

October 29, 2009 at 11:02 am (Reporting)

Towson Junior, Amy Fauber

Photo courtesy of Facebook

How many of you do your share of clubbing? Well this individual, sees clubbing from a whole new perspective. Amy Fauber, a junior at Towson University is the nanny for two kids. Their parents are the owners of Fur Nightclub, Lotus Lounge, Midtown, and Tatoo in Washington, D.C. What a crazy and interesting job. Lets hear what she has to say about it.

“I am the nanny or weekend babysitter. I babysit Friday from 12:30 to 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from nine or 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. I either run errands with the mother and her kids, or play with the two children, ages six and four. The mother is always with me. I mostly am in charge of watching the younger child and making sure she is okay, and I mostly do whatever the kids want me to.”

“I wanted to be a part of this job because it pays so well, and it is the most ideal job in my opinion for a college student. I met the family through my dance teacher. I used to be a server at a local restaurant, one day the mother came in to the restaurant and said that she needed a babysitter and that if I quit my job she would pay me more than I was making. The next day I put in my two weeks notice.”

“I remember the first day I babysat we went into Tyson and she had me return a $2,000 purse. I walked out of Neimans with $2,000 in my hands, and I was in shock. Now that is just normal two me. She has a purse fetish, she will buy Channel purse, after Gucci purse, after Louis V purse. She buys them like its pocket change. She also has a Starbucks addiction and will sometimes get Starbucks six times a day. She will also get drinks for me (or the weekday babysitter) and both kids.”

“There are also many stories about the kids. They are not the easiest to handle, the four year old had a fit one time because she didn’t like her vanilla latté and wanted a new one. Also, she was mad at me and ripped my sunglasses off my head and almost body slammed them. These kids get everything they ask for. If it is something small they will get it that day, if it is bigger the mother will look for it until she gets it for them.”

“I think it is important for students to do odd jobs, I think it gives a lot of life experience. I had always told my mother I wanted to spoil my children rotten, but now I know I never want to do that. I think it is also a lot more interesting than waitressing, but I think it is a lot harder sometimes as well.”

“The average pay is $25 an hour cash. But, she also gives me many things, and buys me many things. She does not believe in keeping anything if she isn’t going to use it. She will just give me things. One time she gave me four bottles of Gain detergent, four bottles of Gain fabric softener and four boxes of Gain dryer sheets because she said they didn’t make her clothes smell enough. I have made up to $300 in one day before.”

“I would recommend [students] just continue looking for jobs, it seems hard to find, but I constantly see hiring signs in windows, so I would just say don’t get overwhelmed and eventually if you keep looking something will work out.”



  1. TL said,

    Interesting post, but are you sure she wants her employers to know she is saying all this about them?
    Also, some AP problems: ages are always numbers, for instance. And “Let’s” needs an apostrophe.

  2. williampearce said,

    This strikes me as an interesting occupational situation to be in. The benefits appear to go beyond any job I’ve worked. I do have to wonder if it is wise to describe someone’s spending habits as fetishistic. I don’t think a child’s assaultive behavior should be mentioned, nor should someone’s kids be described as spoiled. I’d imagine Amy would be read the riot act if her employers saw these quotes.
    Still, it is a very funny piece, I will admit.

  3. rhiannon86 said,

    This is a cool job if you love kids. The high profile nanny really gives the babysitting gig a cool twist. The pay sounds amazing! I’d definitely prefer it over waitressing. It does shine a light though on how much is too much for a kid. Giving them everything they want isn’t preparing them for the real world. Your interviewee was suprisingly honest, let’s hope the mom doesn’t read this post lol. Nice job Ashley.

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