Michelle Obama photo gallery

October 29, 2009 at 11:12 am (Reaction)

Courtesy of The Washington Post, I viewed a photo gallery of First Lady Michelle Obama. There were roughly 43 photos all of her and different things she has done. I enjoyed most the photos from different angles. It made the photo more appealing to the eye. Or photos where she was doing something different in them. For example, the first photo we see, Obama is sitting with a breast cancer survivor, the wave she is doing with her hand is both cute and intrigues the viewer into the photo.

Overall, I liked this gallery. With a high profile person like Mrs. Obama, it is always fun to feel like you get a glimpse into their busy life. Through this gallery I felt like I could relate more to Obama and the photos are always an interesting way of doing that. The gallery was interesting to me and I read every caption of every photo. I also enjoyed how each photo tried to catch Obama in a new light and setting. This made for a much more interesting gallery.

I have no complaints about this and I think that everything was done well, the eye-catching appeal of the Web site, the borders around the photos and the photos themselves. I would recommend this site to others for viewing photos in a clear and concise manner.

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