Economy forces odd jobs

October 28, 2009 at 9:03 pm (Research)

Students are not the only ones that need odd jobs to make it through the tough money times. In this article readers are introduced to multiple people who are using their resources to make ends meet. “Getting back to the basics” helps readers get to know Liz Prescott, who uses her superb driving abilities to get a job. She put out an ad for jobs including driving the elderly to appointments to get groceries and more. This is a job any college student with a car can certainly do and make good money doing it.

Ken Lewis took his time making ends meeting doing things like delivering pizza’s while learning the in’s and out’s of the blinds business. Do to his sucessful interning, he was asked to buy the shop and has since been doing very well for himself. Even though sometimes you have to start at low scale jobs, being ambitious and a “go-getter” will eventually be rewarding.

Finally, Eileen Blackwell owns a travel resort rentals business, due to the economy the statis of her business is not well. Her and her sons, are now going back to the basics of a cleaning business. Doing odd jobs around peoples homes to make a substantial income until their business picks up. This is a great way for students to make money, simple house chores that they are good at, they can help elderly with or busy business executives.

Again, there are always ideas stirring for odd jobs for students. Keep a look out.


  1. courthammond said,

    This is a great article. I like how you related it back to college students. I wonder how much money college students can make by doing some of these odd jobs you talk about.

  2. TL said,

    AP: pizzas, ins and outs

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