Two Talking apes

October 22, 2009 at 11:15 am (Reaction)

Two tallking apes, not something you hear about everyday. But not only do you get to read about it, it’s as if you were there when you hit “play” on the podcast. The Web site and podcast titled, A Voluble Visit with Two Talking Apes is about Kanzi and Panbanisha, two apes that not only understand what humans say, but they can communicate back to them. After a series of tests it has been confirmed that no other outside factors have played a part, these apes have simply associated with humans and learned the art of the English language.

Overall, the story was very interesting. It was long after a while and it is hard to get drawn into the scene if you do not know that much about it. This is why the supplemental podcast is very helpful. You get to hear the background of the apes and it feels like you are there. It is an interesting story and the podcast just helps the viewer to feel like they are interacting more with the topic. The ape sounds in the backgroud really give off a nice vibe.

I would like to see more stories done like this. However, it would have been neat to have some video footage or more photos other than just one to add to the story as well. I was left thinking, “I want to see it.”

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