One to many hallow jobs

October 21, 2009 at 11:37 pm (Research)

I have never in my life heard of so many gothic jobs. I thought my Halloween topic article last week was interesting, but this week, a cosmetologist for corpses, wow. For one thing, I didn’t think I would have such great luck finding articles to support my odd job theory. Not only has this topic been highly vocal in the news media, but it has been a key topic in regards to Halloween. Check out The Daily Dish blog to read more.

I like this article because it again shows the wide acceptance of odd jobs and the different things that are offered for people. Don’t get tied down in typical jobs. There are jobs out there, you just have to be creative and not be afraid to do something different. This article shows this to extent. Working on corpses may not be your typical job idea but hey, what better way to practice make up design on someone who won’t put up a fight. Sounds crazy, but think outside the box, look for different avenues of things that you like. After continuing to interview and find these articles, I am sold on the fact that if you are struggling to find employement, odd jobs are the way to go.

This will be the last of the gothic Halloween articles, I promise, however you must admit, you read them don’t you?


  1. courthammond said,

    I liked this article a lot. A corpse cosmotologist is certainly an odd job. And it’s great timing considering Halloween is just around the corner. It would be nice if you could find someone who has had an odd job like this. Maybe you should consider showing the correlation between the economy and odd jobs? Just a thought. Great find.

  2. TL said,

    Just getting the chance to read your post and the link. Great find! But you should link to the actual blog your link discusses:

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