Odd job number four, farm end at a horse farm

October 16, 2009 at 11:51 am (Reporting)

Days End Farm, Horse Rescue is a rescue mission in Woodbine, Maryland. Colleen Steiger, worked as one of the farm ends that works there. She would take care of the horses, do tours for students and clean up after them and care for them as if they were her own. Not your typical after school job. Steiger has since graduated from Towson University and talks about how her odd job influenced her life. Let’s take a look at what she has to say.

“At Days End Farm, Horse Rescue I basically I just cared for the horses. These incloudes feeding, medicating, farm chores and those are just a few.”

“I love horses. I would much rather be around the animals and working with them than working around people. I tried being a waitress and doing ‘normal’ jobs and I hated it.”

“You have to look for something you want to do, or you’re just wasting your time.”

“If you need a job, I think any job is good for people. But then again…doing farm work and cleaning up after animals, in a way does build character.”

“If you don’t enjoy your job, it will just bring you down.”

“Now I’m a veterinary technician at an animal hospital and I’d say that Days End changed who I am because of the things I saw there. I saw things there that a lot of people won’t see in their entire life. It changes you, and it proved to me what I wanted to do after I graduated.”

“I’ve seen animals come in completely emaciated and parasite infested, practically dead.
Then I get to see my hard work pay off by seeing them become healthy again and go to new homes, it’s a rewarding job.”


  1. Matthew Sorger said,

    First off I think one of the quotes you captured really sets the tone for your piece if you use this topic for a module. “I love horses. I would much rather be around the animals and working with them than working around people. I tried being a waitress and doing ‘normal’ jobs and I hated it.” I’d love to hear some more about these “normal” jobs she’s had because that in itself would make for an interesting human interest piece. Your odd jobs topic really is a fun idea, and this lady seems to perfectly fit the mold. If you can get more specifics about how she would prefer to work with animals over humans, I think you would really be capturing your subject to a tee, and it would make your module come alive in a really productive way.

  2. Danielle Koch said,

    This is interesting. I would love to hear any specific stories Steiger has from working at the Horse rescue. Has she encountered difficult people? Did she get attached to any horse in particular? She’s seen horses come in near death, I would like to hear a specific success story that really touched her. Was it hard when/if she couldn’t save a horse?

  3. kennethstukes said,

    Interesting interview and gives plenty of useful information. I’m just conscious…what did Steiger study at Towson? Is your next module going to spotlight Steiger, if so, that would give you great photos. You could go into detail on how this odd job has built her character and the things she has seen on the farm.

  4. tymacleod said,

    If you want to further look into this subject/line of work, my sister holds a similar job. While hers isn’t as exciting as rescuing animals, she does work on a horse farm where she tends to them, cleans up after them, etc. Entering her freshman year of college next year, she plans to pursue some sort of education in equine science (she’s an avid horseback rider). While many of her friends work at restaurants and department stores, she spends time doing something she plans to have a future in, while also making more money than the majority of her peers.

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