Information gathered from readings

October 16, 2009 at 12:18 pm (Reaction)

Two of the readings that have been assigned for class that I will talk about are chapter four in the Ward text on online writing. This reading can be found by searching at a library for Online Journalism by Mike Ward. I will also be discussing the Multimedia Design: Navigation Maps and Storyboards online reading.

Let’s begin in the ward text. Now, I think I am a good writer, I write all the time and have taken the proper courses to teach me how to write effectivly. However, it is a great teaching tool to reiterate things from the beginning. Allowing myself to hear again, write direct sentences and dont write to long, write for a purpose. Those things are essential to hear over and over and over again. One thing in particular that stood out to me and that I have already used countless times in my writing is where is says, “…limit each to communicating one basic thought or piece of information.” (Ward, p. 105) I could go on and on about the things I learned in this text, but the main things that helped me were reiterating the basics in a straight forward, elementary manner.

As far as the online resource, I learned about all the different types of online structures and storyboards. I didn’t realize there were so many option or that, that much thought went into the structure of online. I think the basic ones are easier to follow and would be more reader friendly. The linear and hierarchical structures seem to be the most basic. Basic is not always bad and like the Ward readings expressed if a viewer has to go to to much effort or it’s to long, your story will not get read. So why not stick with the basics.

These readings helped reiterate a lot of points to me and I will continue to think about these things when working on my own projects and stories as well as reflecting on other peoples.

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