A very grave job

October 16, 2009 at 11:40 am (Research)

As we approach Halloween I thought it would be fun to have a somewhat scarey odd job to talk about. Man, does this fit the bill. Even more than I could have imagined. The Taunton Daily Gazette published an article titled, Odd Jobs: This worker has a grave outlook on employment, this article is about a man who works at a cemetery. Not only is he a grave digger, but he also helps maintain the cemetery. In this article he talks about the details of his job and the easy and hard parts about it.

I thought this article was a great example of an odd job. It also says at the top that while some desk jobs can be bizarre it doesn’t compare to some other jobs around the globe. Grave digging is just one of many. When I read this article I didn’t know anything about grave digging or working in a cemetery, so it was an informative article in general, besides talking about another odd job.

This is one job students would never think of, and I hope this article in particular as well as other that I have posted continue to widen the acceptance of odd jobs and help you brainstorm some ideas. Who knows, whoever reads this could be the next celebrity grave digger!



  1. TL said,

    Really — there are still grave diggers? Sounds like something out of the 19th century!

  2. rhiannon86 said,

    I would have thought that by now there was some kind of special machine for the graves, but I guess not. I can’t imagine doing this job! How grim! But it definitely makes for a cool topic. As I’m reading your posts I’m getting more interested in what kind of jobs you have found. I’m wondering how much he makes a year grave digging, and if it’s actually worth it. Cool post.

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