Career Center gives their perspective

October 9, 2009 at 11:54 am (Reporting)

The Career Center on Towson University’s campus sends a representative to give their perspective on jobs for students. Job developer and events coordinator for the center Anna Berglowe-Lynch tells us what she thinks.

“People are still hiring, absolutly. I am looking at a report [from hire@tu] right now and there are 185 jobs hiring right now, some are paid internships but most are part-time jobs. Nannys, babsitters and some sales representatives are the top jobs needing to be filled by employers. Salaries for these jobs rage from six dollars an hour to 450 for a high school tutor.”

“There are jobs that still exist it just takes more time. Walking through the mall once is not going to work, you have to be creative. You may need to hit the street and pass out resumes.”

“[Students] need to make a solid resume and have thier basic information down.”

“Most companies are still hiring, there are still help wanted signs it’s just more work to track them down.”

“It’s good to use your network. The odd jobs still are a great idea, they have needs for them. the best way is by using your personal network.”

“We have an on-campus job posting system, hire@tu, people are looking to hire University students. They are looking specifically to them.”

“We’re always here to help them find a job, it’s hard, you have to be creative. Use your resources.”

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  1. lilymlee said,

    This topic is a really good one considering I know there are a ton of students who don’t have jobs. The advice you need to work to get work is a good one and I think this post does a good job saying that.

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