Ira Glass on storytelling

October 8, 2009 at 10:54 am (Reaction)

After watching the four parts to Ira Glass’s storytelling videos, I wast left with a lot of advice and information. What he had to say was good and valuable, however, as a journalist and obviously savvy with multimedia and technology, why would he make such a boring video? The coloring was dull, there was nothing exciting going on and I was overall very bored. I felt like I was being lectured at. Although his information was valuable and he obviously knows what he is talking about he did not keep my attention. I just kept thinking, “when is this going to spice up?” On a positive note, I thought it was very smart to split the videos up into four parts. This way the viewer isn’t commited to 25 minutes of Ira Glass. They can watch one and then wait and watch another. It takes up less time, making the videos more effective. What he had to say was valuable and essential to students learning. He made me think twice about things and make sure that I write for the viewer and have good taste. He tried to make the videos conversational as well. This was an educational video and the content was good, I just would ask that someone of his caliber make a video that makes readers want to stay tuned for their own purposes rather for a professors instruction. The easiest way to view the video is to go to YouTube and search Ira Glass on storytelling.

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