Change in minimum wage, lowers teen employement

October 5, 2009 at 8:30 pm (Research)

In an article I found titled, Minimum wage up, so is teen unemployment, it talks about how the rate of minimum wage has changed causing for more money to be paid for teenagers to be employed. This is contributing the lack of jobs available for young people. It is a short article; however there are many posts on it that drive my point home. Students need more of a wide range of jobs other than the typical ones to make some cash. This article on the Daily Mail shows a chart to exhibit how unemployment in teenagers has skyrocketed. I liked this article because it allows for other reasoning behind the fact that students should think outside the box when it comes to employment. Some of the posts provide options for odd jobs and things that young people should consider or check into when looking for a job. I hope people look at this article and understand that odd jobs are important and don’t limit yourself to just the norm. Pay close attention to the statistics in this article. The change in minimum wage and in unemployment among teens is astounding. You wouldn’t think that it was this drastic. The chart really shows just how crazy and difficult it has become to try and find a “regular job” as a young person.


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