Crazy jobs that would never cross your mind

October 1, 2009 at 11:45 am (Research)

This article titled, Odd Jobs and Crazy Careers found at the Web site is a great example of how odd jobs can spice up your life. Other jobs can be boring, like administrative assistants and service representatives that they suggested in the article. This article gives options to people who want to do something more entertaining or different with their lives. Some of the jobs that were brought up include ice cream tasters, which speaks for itself and also Bannana Gassers. A Bannana Gasser is someone who transports bannana’s into a sealed area to ripen after being shipped early, making sure the bottom of your bannana split taste’s superb. Overall, this is a great article to make the point that working should be fun and there is more to a job than the typical college “fast cash” careers. Between this article and the last that were posted, there is no reason the readers of this blog should have any trouble thinking of a new and exciting job for the semester. More are on the way so stay tuned to hear from other students and professionals who have odd jobs and hear there thoughts as to how and why to get involved in them.

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  1. TL said,

    Interesting article, but don’t forget that your research readings should be no more than two weeks old if you want to get credit for them.

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