Odd job number three, student-owned business

September 30, 2009 at 10:55 am (Reporting)

Some students are now looking above and beyond the typical college job scene. University of Maryland, Baltimore County student Brady Wolfe recently kicked-off his own clothing business called Chaste. The business is co-owned by Wolfe and his business partner Decceco Dockins. Wolfe talks a bit about his business and gives some advice to other students.

“I decided to start my own clothing brand because I thought it would be fun, something to keep me occupied other than work, and would enable me to make some extra cash on the side. Above and beyond those reasons, I thought it would allow me to make myself a staple in my local community, or even my state, by providing the best quality and stylish articles of clothing.”

“Based on how I started my brand, I just jumped right into it. I purchased a few sample shirts to see which brand shirt I’d prefer to print on, did research on companies who printed on shirts, graphic designers, etc. Once I found some concrete people, I ran with them, spent some money, and started a brand, something people often talk about doing, but never really get around to it. I’m honestly happy for myself.”

“For selfish reasons, I’d say people shouldn’t look more towards odd jobs. Leave the market for me! On a serious note, I have always been that dude to make money outside of your typical waiter or waitress job, and I’ve been fine through school. If you’re the type of person that can manage their time well and knows how eBay or other marketplaces work, I say go for odd jobs. You work at your leisure; you decide how much work you want, etc. It’s nice honestly.”

“Benefits of owning my own business include I work whenever I want, I decide how much work to give myself, and I make things exactly how I want them. With the first two, don’t get me wrong, I work and I work hard. However, it is nice to work when you’re in the mood, not when the clock tells you, you have to clock in. Producing things exactly how I want them is nice as well, especially because I’m typically picky when it comes to clothing.”

“To be honest, I don’t think I’ve received a single negative comment about starting my own business, both being young and in school. If anything, I’ve received all positive comments. People are intrigued on the fact that I am only 20, doing things people do on a regular basis for their career. If I maintain satisfactory grades, people seem to be enlightened by the idea that some young kid actually turned something that was a simple idea into reality.”

“If I had to give a few pieces of advice for people looking for a job or starting a business, I’d say take your time. I work on top of owning my own brand, and it works like peanut butter and jelly. My job is not demanding, and neither is running my brand. It took me about 6 months of avidly looking for a job and planning my business before I had anything concrete. I love the way my schedule works on a daily basis, as its stress free, but pays at the same time!”

Check out Brady’s Web site to learn more.


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  1. lilymlee said,

    This is a really great blog for people who are interested in starting their own businesses. It’s really cool to see how a student is running his own business.

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