Odd job number two, nuts and bolts

September 24, 2009 at 3:37 pm (Reporting)

Another odd job students may want to take a second look at is the nuts and bolts industry. I spoke with the warehouse manager at Robnet Fastener & Industrial Supply who gave his thoughts on young people in the warehouse.

Al Frisbee
Robnet Fastener & Industrial Supply, Warehouse Manager

“The nuts and bolts industry could be very interesting for a young person. They would learn something mechanical and they would learn sizes, screws and fasteners and especially mathematics skills that can be useful your entire life.”

“A student would fit in here if they are healthy and not afraid to lift things. Most things in the warehouse are under 50 pounds, but sometimes they may go over, but if you are in good shape and not afraid to work, you’ll fit right in.”

“In the nuts and bolts industry you’re always going to need to build something, so keeping in mind you’re going to need fasteners to build, there’s always going to be a job. If you have knowledge of mathematics, fractions and things you can get a job.

“My advice is searching yourself as to what you’d like to do. Find your interests and go with that, because finding something that you do not like, well, you will not be happy.”

“Before your first day here, get your mathematics book out and read your fractions because everything is broken down into a mathematical situation. [If you read] you’ll know this stuff very easily.”

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