In Good Faith makes for interesting read

September 24, 2009 at 11:13 am (Reaction)

As I try to keep up with some of the other blogs on the wonderful world of the Internet, I made my way to The Baltimore Sun’s blog page, choosing to take a closer look at the In Good Faith blog posts. As I found the content interesting, two things troubled me. One, while I am interested in the topics, I feel like I jumped into the middle of a story in each post. I don’t think the posts give enough context to give the reader background information to help them understand. Also, the second thing that I found interesting was how many acronyms for words they had in the titles of the posts. What catches a reader is the title of the post and if they dont have any idea what CAIR or ELCA is, then it is very difficult to get a readers attention. If you look down a ways at some of the older posts, they do have fairly interesting titles, so it must be just the latest posts. Some good things they do are incorporate photos, this helps bring the readers eye down the page and make it more visually appealing. I also like how within the posts, they provide links to things that the reader may find interesting and want more information on. Overall, this is a neat blog with interesting and valuable information. As I continue reading I think I will become increasingly familiar with the stories and layout which will help the blog appeal to me even more. Check out In Good Faith for yourself.


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  1. dtopp18 said,

    I agree as far as the acronyms in the titles…strange. As a regular to the Sun’s website, I’m not sure I’ve read this blog before. Some interesting topics, good choice for the reaction post. I’ll have to keep this blog in mind.

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