Man completes mission, odd jobs in every state

September 23, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Research)

The article from the San Francisco Chronical, Mission accomplished: 50 jobs in 50 states, is a great example of odd jobs and how to stay employed. The article talks about a graduated student who couldn’t get a job in his major. Daniel Seddiqui, instead came up with a plan to hold 50 odd jobs in 50 states. Now thanks to his unique idea, he has given all students ideas and the knowledge that, you can always find a job. He also is working on a book and setting up classes for students to take to test out other jobs. Needless to say he is set for a while. Seddiqui proves that despite the economy and what degree you have you can always get a job. He was a ticket agent, cheesemaker and dietician among others. He is a great example for my study and among that has given me great ideas to further educate students on different types of jobs they can hold. I don’t think I could have found a better article to illustrate my point. Seddiqui shows that no matter how hard you study in school, your degree may not always get you a job. Not only should students learn how to get odd jobs to save money while in school, but they should also look at odd jobs as a “Plan B” for when they graduate. Check out the article to see a full list of Seddiqui’s 50 odd jobs and stay tuned for more on Seddiqui and his future book.


  1. courthammond said,

    Wow, I can’t believe you found such a great article. This really goes nicely with your project idea. A couple of those jobs Seddiqui performed, like Cheesemaker and Grape Sorter, are definately considered odd, but I wouldn’t say all of his jobs were: Real Estate Agent and Photgrapher are pretty normal. I’ll definately let you know if I hear of any odd jobs!

  2. kennethstukes said,

    This was a great article to start off with as research for your project. The article shed light on why a person might get an odd job. Usually, when I thought of odd jobs, I thought of it as something a college student did just to get money. This goes to show as you stated just because you have a degree… you still might have to resort to an odd job. You could focus specifically on people with degrees who have resorted to odd jobs to make a living for one part of your project, like with Seddiqui.

  3. rachelciarleglio said,

    This was a very interesting article to read and it entertained me to hear of some of the jobs. I think this was a good article to start off with when starting out posting on this topic for your semester long project. It shows how much is out there on the subject. Hearing Daniel’s side of it was a cool perspective to get and showing the odd jobs from all 50 states shows the economy is making people do some very different/unique things for money.

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