Odd job number one, knife sales

September 18, 2009 at 11:48 am (Reporting)

One odd job that I know of is Vector Marketing, they target college students and are always hiring. It is a sales business and the product is Cutco Cutlery. I took the time to gather some more information about this odd job by talking to Pilot Sales Manager, Mustafa Nasr. Take a look at what he had to say.

“One of the great things about our company is we work with such a great product and you save money in the long run. The direct market approach we use is great; we go out and get our customers. Whether people want it or not whether people want to spend money or not were still doing the presentations.”

“Our product has a forever guarantee, and people want to save money so were having one of our biggest years ever. Anytime we’re in a bad economy we usually do pretty well.”

“There’s the flexible schedule [students like], you get a chance to plan your own schedules and have an incredible income opportunity. You can make from $2,000 to $5,000 in a semester. Another appealing part is the resume and advancement opportunities.”

“It’s not experience you can get elsewhere, we allow students to have entrepreneurship and business experience.”

“The economy doesn’t really hurt you when you have a recruiting company versus a staffing company. Every recruiting job goes up, we don’t really have to change the incentives, and in fact we could probably reduce our pay right now and still have applicants.”

“It is an odd job and we joke about it all the time, the knives are just what we have to be selling and they just so happen to be good. But it’s everything else that comes with it that keeps people around.”

“We do have in certain places a stigma about the knife thing, but in many places it’s a good stigma, people say, ‘Oh, you did the knife thing.’”

“Everyone has their fun stories from appointments and what not, but overall it is very odd and “the knife thing” is what a lot of parents call it. It’s the word that spreads around, and it’s known as a good experience from people who have done it before and people who have the products.”

“The business alone can be found in the Wall Street Journal and Consumers Digest and they rave about the experience.”

“The Wall Street Journal wrote about how this was an odd job, but it was a great job. If you can look past the knives you can have a great income opportunity and meet great people.”


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